"Jim Steinman wrote the score for an exciting version of Bertolt Brecht's "A Man's A Man" that was done by the Amherst Masquers, and which featured a show-stopping performance by Sarah Harris, a Smith student, singing a song called 'Ganges River' (which was later recycled into "The Dream Engine" as 'Mother River')." --Stephen Collins

A Man's a Man was performed by the Amherst Masquers at Kirby Theater from March 1-3 and 8-10 1968.

The place: India?
The time: Yesterday, today and probably, God help us, tomorrow

Cast and CrewEdit


Galy Gay, a water front porter - David Stewart
Sergeant Charles "Bloody Five" Fairchild - Brock Putnam
Corporal Uriah Shelly - Craig Dunkerley
Private Jeraiah Jip - William Hart
Private Polly Baker - Morrison Webb
Private Jesse Mahoney - Hugh Laurence
Mister Wang - George Bentley
Soldiers - Jay Alberts, Jonathan Alper, Robert A. Brown, Elisha Ignatoff, Robert Jacobs, Drew Kalter
Mrs. Gay - Vicky Casarett
Widow Begbick - Sarah Harris
Agatha - Susan Hannigan
Jenny - Meri Golden
Jobia - Lindsay Maracotta

Creative TeamEdit

Written by Bertolt Brecht
Adapted by Eric Bentley

Directed by Walter Boughton
Designed by Charles Rogers
Technical direction by Ralph McGoun
Musical supervision by Gordon Stewart

Music and lyrics written and/or adapted by Jim Steinman
Arranged and played by "The Leaves of Grass":
Lead guitar - Jeff Southworth
Rhythm guitar - John Anderson
Drums - Craig McNeer
Bass - Rick Weinhaus
Organ - Jim Steinman

Stage manager - Thomas Miller
Assistant stage manager - David Rimmer
Lighting technicians - Stephen Barker, Peter Harvard, Christopher Jones
Sound technicians - Bruce Bayne, Robert Stratton

Stagehands - Jonathan Alper, John Bean, Stephen Collins, Andrew Eustis, Brock Putnam, Thomas Hoadley, David Rimmer, Barry Keating, Mike Kapinos, Ann Millman, Louis Holekamp, Morrison Webb

Costumes - Miss Colleen Callahan, Peter Harvard, Mrs. George Kidder, Mrs. King Turgeon, Mrs. Kingsley Perry, Mrs. Leroy Metcalf, Mrs. Vincent Morgan, Mrs. David Stewart, Mrs. Charles Ward

Business team - Bruce Boyer, Andrew Goldman, Colin Hasse, Paul Mintzer

Special thanks to Mr. Oliver M. Knode and Kappa Theta for the loan of properties.

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