NYC Developmental Lab (2015)Edit

Bat Out of Hell held a developmental lab at Pearl Studios from November 2 to November 24 2015.

According to Andrew Polec, Jim Steinman was there in person and "he was rock & roll to the hardest nth degree"[1]

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Music, Lyrics, & Book - Jim Steinman
Director - Jay Scheib
Producers - Michael Cohl, David Sonenberg
Music Director - Michael Reed
Casting - Carrie Gardner, Stephen Kopel, Jillian Cimini


Andrew Polec - Strat
Sheridan Mouawad - Raven
Bradley Dean - Falco
Julia Murney - Sloane
Christina Sajous - Zahara
Charlie Franklin - Tink
Billy Lewis Jr. - Jagwire
Justin Sargent - Ledoux/Ensemble
Lance Bordelon - Blake/Enemble
Alyssa DiPalma - Ensemble
Zuri Washington - Ensemble

References Edit

  1. Interview with Christina Bennington and Andrew Polec for Radio X, 2016-06-09

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