Bat Out of Hell is a musical with book, music and lyrics by Jim Steinman.

After several years of pre-production, a developmental lab was held in November 2015 in New York City.

Two of the producers, the director, musical director, and only one member of the cast - Andrew Polec (Strat) were retained as the show headed for England.

The first promotional launch events for the show were in November 2016, in London and Manchester, and a prolonged rehearsal period went underway.

The show premiered at the Manchester Opera House in Manchester, England in February 2017, and was followed by limited runs in London (June 2017) and Toronto (October 2017).

Despite the development of this musical taking place in the UK, Jim Steinman has been heavily involved in the creative process for the show. In multiple interviews, the cast have mentioned that he's constantly watching and giving feedback via Skype, on a daily basis, and speaks with the director for hours on the phone. Also, longtime collaborator Barry Keating has been working on the project as Creative Consultant - relaying information from Jim, filming rehearsals to send to Jim, and keeping things on track with his vision.

For a comprehensive list of the changes between versions of the show during previews, see Bat Out Of Hell The Musical - changes during previews.

Historical roots Edit


Andrew Polec as Strat, wearing a shirt showing a photo of Jim Steinman starring as Baal in The Dream Engine (1969)

In 1968, Jim Steinman wrote a musical in college called Baal, based on Bertolt Brecht's first play - also titled "Baal". The following year, ideas from that musical had progressed into a musical called The Dream Engine. It was about a young man named Baal, and he led a tribe of wild young people, they lured and enticed a girl into joining the tribe, and there are two main villains in the story - a couple called Max and Emily (presumably a nod to Mech and Emilie from Brecht's Baal). It was a very political piece, in protest about contemporary issues, especially that the older generation were drafting their youth to fight and die in the Vietnam war. Youth rebellion was a major theme. The song Who Needs The Young originates in this play, as do some spoken word segments, such as Hot Summer Night and I've Been Dreaming Up A Storm Lately, which are also present in Bat Out Of Hell The Musical.

In 1977, Jim Steinman's musical Neverland was in workshop, where The Dream Engine had morphed to be less political, and more Peter Pan oriented. It was now set in the future, in the dystopian city of Obsidian, Baal now led Lost Boys, and rescued Wendy from her parents Max and Emily.

Much of the structure of Neverland, and specific elements such as the dream suppressant scene, Wendy saying "the sea is watching the sky, the sky is watching the sea, nothing will ever happen", and Tink ordering the protagonist to send the girl back to her parents, remain intact in Bat Out Of Hell The Musical. Spoken word pieces Nocturnal Pleasure and Love and Death and an American Guitar, which are also in Bat Out Of Hell The Musical, make an appearance - though in different context. It was still a far, far wordier play overall than Bat Out Of Hell The Musical.

Many of the songs in Neverland were also in the album Bat Out Of Hell, performed by Meat Loaf. While touring with Meat Loaf for the album during the late 1970s, Jim Steinman would perform his spoken word piece Love and Death and an American Guitar, which is now used to open Bat Out Of Hell The Musical. He would also perform Hot Summer Night, as on the album.

The song Bad For Good from Jim Steinman's 1981 album of the same name and its accompanying music video depict what could be considered a prototype of Raven's bedroom scene from Bat Out Of Hell The Musical.

The location "The Deep End" can be seen in the 1986 music video for the song "If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)" on the Bonnie Tyler album Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire, which Jim Steinman produced. He came up with the concept and co-directed the music video.

Jim Steinman's ongoing musical project has transformed into Bat Out Of Hell The Musical. We have Strat instead of Baal. We have Raven instead of Wendy. We have Falco and Sloane instead of Max and Emily.

The character Strat often wears a shirt depicting Jim Steinman as Baal in The Dream Engine (1969) as a nod to the roots of this show.

NYC Developmental Lab (2015)Edit

Bat Out of Hell held a developmental lab at Pearl Studios from November 2 to November 24 2015.

Main article : Bat Out Of Hell The Musical - NYC Developmental Lab (2015)

Manchester (2017)Edit

Bat Out of Hell completed an extended run in previews at the Manchester Opera House from February 17 to April 29 2017.

Main article : Bat Out Of Hell The Musical - Manchester run (2017)

London (2017) Edit

Bat Out of Hell is currently running at the London Coliseum from June 5 to August 22, 2017. The run was originally scheduled to terminate on July 22, but was extended before its opening night to August 5th, then shortly afterwards was extended once more, to August 22nd.

Cast change between Manchester and London: three new cast members were recruited. However, featured dancer Michael Naylor suffered a serious knee injury and was forced to permanently withdraw from his role. The dancer Isaac Edwards (who had been recruited as an off-stage swing) took his place.

Toronto (2017) Edit

Bat Out of Hell is due to run at the Ed Mirvish theatre in Toronto, Canada from October 14 to December 3, 2017.

The only changes we know of so far concerning Toronto are that Dom Hartley-Harris will be replaced by Billy Lewis Jr in his role as Jagwire (Billy played Jagwire in the 2015 NYC development lab production), and Ruben Van Keer will be replaced by Simon Gordon - both in his role as cover Strat and in his ensemble track as Esquivel.

PREVIEW Bat Out of Hell the Musical09:40

PREVIEW Bat Out of Hell the Musical

Launch event in London


Act OneEdit

Act TwoEdit


Andrew Polec - Strat
Christina Bennington - Raven
Rob Fowler - Falco
Sharon Sexton - Sloane
Aran MacRae - Tink
Danielle Steers - Zahara
Dom Hartley-Harris - Jagwire
Giovanni Spano - Ledoux
Patrick Sullivan - Blake
Jemma Alexander - Crysteva
Emily Benjamin - Mordema
Stuart Boother - Batfish
Georgia Carling - Valkyrie
Natalie Chua - Spinotti
Jonathan Cordin - Hollander
Amy Di Bartolomeo - Liebeswooosh
Jordan Lee Davies - Krolocker
Olly Dobson - Vanveeteren
Hannah Ducharme - Vilmos
Phoebe Hart - Bessamey
Rosalind James - Kwaidan
Michael Naylor - Denym
Eve Norris - Scherzzo
Tim Oxbrow - Markevitch
Andrew Patrick-Walker - Liberame
Benjamin Purkiss - Hoffmann, alternate Strat
Anthony Selwyn - O'Dessasuite
Courtney Stapleton - Goddesilla
Ruben Van Keer - Esquivel
Isaac Edwards - Astroganger (off-stage swing)
Linus Henriksson - Judge (off-stage swing)
Kalene Jeans - Lunarrow (off-stage swing)
Aston Newman Harrington - Noname (off-stage swing)


Musical Director/Keyboard - Robert Emery
Assistant Musical Director/Keyboard - Steve Corley
Keyboard - Jamie Safir
Drums - Elliott Henshaw
Percussion - David Danford
Guitar - Ben Castle
Guitar - Mark Cox
Bass Guitar - Hugh Richardson
Saxophone - Nik Carter
Saxophone - Nathan Hawken
Trumpet - Jack Birchwood
Trombone - Barnaby Philpott
Orchestral Management - London Musicians Ltd: Managing Director, David White


Book, Music, Lyrics - Jim Steinman
Additional Book Material - Stuart Beattie
Director - Jay Scheib
Associate Director - Andrea Ferran
Producers - David Sonenberg, Michael Cohl, Randy Lennox, Tony Smith
Associate Producer - Bat Out of Hell Holding Ltd
Musical Director - Robert Emery
Musical Supervisor & Additional Arrangements - Michael Reed
Orchestration - Steve Sidwell
Choreograper - Emma Portner
Associate Choreographer - Suzanne Thomas
Set Design - Jon Bausor
Costume Design - Meentje Nielsen
Video Design - Finn Ross
Lighting Design - Patrick Woodroffe
Sound Design - Gareth Owen
Casting - David Grindrod CDG
Fight Director - RC-Annie
Production Management - Simon Marlow
Design, Advertising, & Marketing - Dewynters
Theatre Press Representative - Amanda Malpass PR
Music Press Representative - Outside Organisation
Production Photographer - Specular
UK General Management - Julian Stoneman & Mark Green for MPSI Ltd
US General Management - Roy Gabay for Jumpstart Entertainment

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