Bosha Johnson-Stone designed the costumes as a volunteer for the critically-acclaimed The Four Seasons, a major fundraiser for Florida School of Arts & Dance that was held in May at the Lyric Theatre. Since Bosha had worked in theatrical design on such films as The Great Gatsby, The Rose, and Network, the costumes she designed to represent each season were nothing less than breathtaking.

She's also taught weekly sewing classes at the Hobe Sound branch of the Boys & Girl's Clubs of Martin County. Her background as a designer at such fashion houses as Chester Weinberg, Donald Brooks, Mary Ann Restivo, Donna Karan and Nautica set quite a standard for the 6-8 children working on donated sewing machines, sewing donated fabric into such things as pillows, bags and ponchos. Although Bosha enjoyed working with the enthusiastic youngsters, a lack of other volunteers contributed to the program being suspended.

When Bosha and artist-husband Stephen Stone moved to Florida, they set out to change their lifestyles. Her husband's aunt lived in Hobe Sound and they knew they liked the area, but poor timing led to them living on their 43-foot boat for five weeks while searching for a home - and it just happened to be the five weeks around - and between - hurricanes Frances and Jeanne! An interesting start to a new adventure, to be sure.

Bosha came up with the idea for the Seabranch Art League in 2005, and has served as president for several years. They’ve undertaken a host of exciting and unique shows and fundraisers,

Work with Jim SteinmanEdit

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