Braver Than We Are is an album by Meat Loaf with songs by Jim Steinman, released in September 2016.

Track listingEdit

  1. Who Needs the Young?
  2. Going All the Way Is Just the Start (feat. Ellen Foley & Karla DeVito)
  3. Speaking in Tongues (feat. Stacy Michelle)
  4. Loving You's a Dirty Job (feat. Stacy Michelle)
  5. Souvenirs
  6. Only When I Feel
  7. More
  8. Godz
  9. Skull of Your Country (feat. Cian Coey)
  10. Train of Love

iTunes bonus tracks:

  1. I'd Do Anything for Love (Demo)
  2. Dirty Water (Demo)
  3. Prize Fight Lover (Demo)
  4. Who Needs the Young? (Demo)
  5. Going All the Way Is Just the Start (Radio Edit)

Target bonus tracks:

  1. For What It's Worth (feat. Stephen Stills)
  2. Prize Fight Lover
  3. I'd Do Anything for Love (Orchestral Version feat. Imelda May)

Barnes & Noble bonus tracks:

  1. Dead Ringer for Love (feat. Imelda May)
  2. The Giving Tree (Live)

Amazon bonus DVD:

  1. Behind the Scenes: Making of Braver Than We Are


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