According to a draft version of the More Than You Deserve script, this was to be performed by the character Luke Byson.


Byson's back in action
You thought he'd let ya down?
Everybody shift to overdrive
'Cause the Byson's back in town

Byson's on the runway
Byson's set to fly
Set your dial to 'action' gang
Or the good times'll pass you by

They say it took the lord a week
To get the world in shape
Which ain't too bad
That's what I say
But if the Byson coulda had his way
I'd have whipped it up in half a day
And I'd have made the whole thing pay

Byson's back in action
Everyone gather round
We set out dials to action 'cause
We're gonna get satisfaction 'cause
The Byson's back
The Byson's back
The Byson's back in town...

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