Herbert "Chip" Tucker was educated at Amherst and Yale, and has taught at Northwestern, Michigan and Virginia, where he holds the John C Coleman Chair in English. The three books he has written concern Romantic and Victorian poetry, the four volumes he has edited range further afield in literary genre and critical purview and his many articles and reviews further still. For a decade he has been Associate Editor of New Literary History, a journal of theory and interpretation. While he is not a digital humanist, some of his friends are, and they have helped create an open-source web site where users can learn to scan traditionally metered verse. As the Fulbright-Leeds Distinguished Chair he will be teaching, lecturing, reading and writing towards a book on charm, taken both as a linguistically challenging dimension of modern social life and as a submerged feature of literary (especially poetic) experience. He and his wife Betsy mean to do some hiking too.

Work with Jim SteinmanEdit

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