Andre DeShields in the musical Rhinegold


Master of the earth am I
I take what I desire
Wealth never ending
Power ascending
Higher and higher and higher

Ruler of this race am I
I'm what the world has been waiting for
Dig for my pleasure
Pile up the treasure
More and more and more

Hoi ho! Hey hey!
Pile up the bounty
And a hustle
And a hustle away

Hither and thither and quicker and faster
Up and around and over and down you go
Forging and toiling and seething and boiling
Remember who's a-runnin' the
Remember who's a-runnin' the show

I'm runnin' the show (he's runnin' the show)
I'm runnin' the show (he's runnin' the show)

You pitiful fools!
I made up the game and I made up the rules
Attend to my wishes -- obey and beware
Don't ask me for pity 'cause I really don't care

Shrinking and squirming -- squealing with fright
Slinking and worming -- bring me more back tonight

Master of the earth am I
I take what I can see
Fight for it -- brawl for it
Dig for it -- crawl for it
Bring it on home to me...

Hi ho hoi hey hi ho hoi hey, etc.
Bring it home to me

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