Eric Michael Gillett, D.J. Bradley, and Thomas Stamet in the musical The Confidence Man


The lady doth protest too much, methinks!
Her thunder doth suggest too much, methinks!
Methinks I see the truth
The lady well be mine forsooth!
The lady will be mine… forsooth!

The lady is above all, she thinks!
And that's the riddle of it all, methinks!
She can't be all that good
A lady isn't made of wood!
A lady isn't made… of wood!

She is full of sound and fury
Signifying plenty
Fast and free, and fancies me
And over one-and-twenty!

The lady will reverse herself, methinks!
But she'll pretend to curse herself, methinks!
If she meant what she said
Milady would be home instead!
Milady would be home… in bed!

Instead of on the roam
Instead of on the foam
Milady would be home… in bed!

The lady will be thine
The lady will be thine
The lady will be mine… forsooth....

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