The Dream Engine at Live at Mohegan Sun (paired with "If It Ain't Broke, Break It")

Meat Loaf on the 2005 "Hair of the Dog" tour (paired with "If It Ain't Broke, Break It")

Meat Loaf on Braver Than We Are


There are things I have come to believe
Since the new resurection of love
There are visions I finally see
There are signs everywhere, they're below and above

There are things that I finally know
There are secrets and dreams never seen in the light
And we're suddenly plunged in the dark
Our soul is a beast that goes bump in the night

There are endless nights, they just go on forever
There are scars on scars that I know will never heal
There's relentless pain — it tortures me forever
I've got to pretend it ain't real

But at least it only hurts
At least it only hurts… only when I feel

It hurts only when I feel....

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