Terry Waldo and The Novelty Syncopators in the musical The Confidence Man


Sanctimonious sambo, tapping tales on his tambourine
Silent Sam with his damn bow, fiddling fibs with pious man
One man's mumbo jumbo is the other's dumb show
A two-faced twosome, black and white—light on dark, dark on light

Sanctimonious sambo, stretching truth with his outstretched palms
Silent Sam with his damn bow, fingering the sacred psalms
Pinchbeck limbs akimbo, or pinched lips in limbo
Crooked bookends, white and black, crooked tongue, crooked back....

Sanctimonious sambo, turning heads with his twisted limbs
Silent Sam with his damn bow, catching throats with his tongue-tied hymns
In our sea they wallow, swilling lies we swallow
Counterfeits in black and white, plain as day all right—all right....

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