Acted, directed, danced, choreographed, and taught professionally in New York, London, and throughout Europe (including the Edinburgh, Dublin, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam Festivals and elsewhere) and South/Central America. Taught, acted, and directed at Studio '68 of Theatre Arts, London. Taught, danced, and choreographed at the London Contemporary Dance School, London (UK); danced in and choreographed for the London Contemporary Dance Theatre (the Martha Graham Company of London). Performed throughout Europe with with MovingBeing, an internationally-known multi-media company based in Cardiff, Wales.

Has published widely on philosophy and on literary and aesthetic theory, most frequently on Samuel Beckett, Friedrich Nietzsche, Freud, Blanchot, and Derrida, and on Jarry, Faulkner, Arthur Miller, and others.

Has lectured extensively on art theory and history, and on art, literature, and society, throughout North and South America and Europe. Lives in Irvine and Provence with wife Michelle, a clinical psychologist.

Work with Jim SteinmanEdit

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